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Some comments from our passengers...


You may also read about us in the news and see what others have written here.


In over 30 years of flying, we have journals filled with nice things people have said to us - here are just a few:


A "thumb up" rating after the flight!"Just wanted to thank you for a most enjoyable ride yesterday.  My daughter and granddaughter were thrilled, your friendly and personal guidance during this 
experience was must welcomed and appreciated.  I will let others who have an interest to ride a balloon know just how much fun and knowledge we gained by 
being with you.  You are the perfect host. Again, thanks."                                                                            
Matt - May 2013

"We couldn't stop talking about it the whole way home. It was the COOLEST thing I have ever date. I am working on that bucket list so hopefully there will be more cool things coming. Carl is really interested in the Bi-Plane ride, so you won't be rid of us soon! Thanks again for all the laughs!. Hope you have a great season and many more wonderful flights.
PS you really should write a book!"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Kerry and Carl - March 2012


"Thanks for the wonderful ride on Saturday- Karie and I had a great time and she told all her family and friends of how great you and your crew  were, so it was a wonderful experience for the both of us.  I am looking forward to another ride in the fall!

 Best Wishes to you and your crew."
 Beau and Karie - June 2011

"My parents had a FANTASTIC time on their balloon ride on Saturday.  They could not stop talking about it and telling everyone they saw over the weekend.  The pictures were just gorgeous too - what a perfect time of year to fly over Harford County!  Thanks for providing them such an enjoyable and unforgettable birthday adventure!  I hope next time I'll get to go too!"
Joy - October 2010

"Just wanted to thank you and the crew for making our day truly special. It was definitely everything I had hoped for and then more. Keep up the good work :)"Passengers after thier flight - all smiles!
Anthony & Sasha - July 2010

"I cannot tell you how much my dad enjoyed his flight. As I am sure you know, he was a pilot in the Air Force, but he said that flying in planes cannot compare to flying in a hot air balloon. He enjoyed the peacefulness and quietness in the air, and the feeling of just "floating." Also, your crew was so nice in trying to get us to places where we could see the balloon. Again thank you to you and your crew. I will always highly recommend you to friends."
Pat - July 2010

"Thank you very much Mike.  None of us can imagine a more enjoyable flight.  My mom was just beaming from ear to ear and still is.  Your skill and experience were truly evident both in the way you flew the balloon and in the commentary.  Thanks for going the extra mile - taking the time to do the splash and dash and the other little tricks.  We also enjoyed the chase car experience.  Having that extra hour really rounded out the experience.  I can't imagine a better time."
Mathew, Gail, & Joan -  June 2010

"We all had a great time and the experience we had flying with you will be always something wonderful to remember. It was so well worth the wait!! Thanks for everything."
Lucy, Dale, & Ernani - June 2010

"We gave our friend, Norma, a Barnstormer flight as a Christmas gift. She flew with you recently and climbed out of the plane in tears. She said that it was the most wonderful experience of her life! Thank you so much Mike for making SO many people's dreams come true..."
Pat & Erin

"This was a fantastic, fun, and unbelievable experience! thanks! I expect we will see you again!"
 Bob & Sheila

"Most wonderful morning we have had in maybe forever! Thank you."  

"This was the best present I've ever had - you helped make one of my childhood dreams come true! Thanks for making it so enjoyable!"  

 passenger flying in a hot air balloon in md                             "One more item off the 'Bucket List' - fantastic and I hate heights!!
            F. Stoner


            "What a wonderful experience!! This sport is definitely habit forming. I loved it. Thanks  for everything." 



            "A beautiful surreal experience." 

             Bill & Amy


"Great Ride! Even though I thought I was scared of heights - I wasn't!          Brian up front in the Stearman



"Wow! What a great experience with an incredible landing! Something we will always remember! Thanks again!"
Ashley & Bill 7/30/09


"You surpassed all my expectations."



"I really enjoyed the flight and am planning on making this an annual event."



"Thanks for an awesome experience never to be forgotten. Only the view from an eagle's eye can allow one to fully appreciate Mother Nature and life!" 



"An absolute thrill. Thanks for the ride."



Lori & Mike having fun!            "Thanks for helping us celebrate our tenth anniversary, it was a fantastic ride!" 

             Barb & Mike



            "Few things in life are better than advertised - this flight was!!!"            



"Thank you for the smooth safe ride! We will definitely return for another."    Paul enjoyed his biplane ride

  Myron & Barbara


"Although I was a bit nervous at first, this turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences of my life."  



"Beautiful voyage of adventure and romance!!! Especially on our 25th wedding anniversary. 

  Dave & Nancy


"A gorgeous day a wonderful crew and a loving husband, who could ask for more? My husband, Jason, said I'd never get him "in one of those things" but he loved every minute of it."     

Michelle & Jason


"Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! Merry Christmas"

Elayne & Andy


"I'll send you some business - when my friends find out 'Chicken Shirley' went up in the balloon - it will calm all their fears! It was great! I really enjoyed it!         



"The ride couldn't have been more perfect. Thanks for a beautiful fall evening."

 Patty & Ray


Rick Conn & Mike flying in the balloon        "Very Relaxing. Almost no feeling of motion. Like capturing time in a bottle!"



        "In life it is easy to lose perspective of what is real...Thanks for giving that back to me. 



        "Thank you for the wonderful experience. I panicked at first, but then I did not want to land. 

         Jeff & Cyndi


"What a wonderful life experience! Now I can say that one of my life long ambitions has been checked off the list! Beautiful flight, breathless...



"Too beautiful for words. I'll tell everyone I know."                                                                                                                                          These folks have flown with us over 10 times!



"Thank you for the best engagement ever! It was a great ride and she said yes!    



Another fun flight.    "This was my second flight and just as inspiring as the first. Many more happy flights. I am sure I'll be back.   



    "There's no ride like this in Disneyland - it was great!"  

     Chuck & Linda



    The pilots and crew of Light Flight wish to thank all of our passengers for your patronage. By joining us in the celebration of man's earliest forms of flight, we are able to share in your excitement; rekindling in us the memories of our own first flights. Thank you for reminding us why we fly and of our good fortune to do so.

Call to schedule your adventure today - 410-836-1116

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Photo credits: Top to Bottom M. Malat, D. Gilman, B. Leavy, M. Gerred, D. Haliscak