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A Little Bit About Us

To our prospective customers - thank you for taking your time to learn about

Light Flight Hot Air Balloons and Barnstormer Aero.

How may we be of service?

        Join us in the celebration of man's earliest and surely most romantic forms of flight - the Hot Air Balloon and Biplane. Free of the earth and all your cares, you will soar as if by magic to places where only your imagination has flown. As children we dreamt of floating among the clouds. Let us take you back to a time when you believed in fairy tales and longed to fly on the wings of a bird.

        The adventure of a lifetime awaits you as you drift silently over the countryside laughing at the folly of an unknown destination. The world seems an almost perfect place from the basket of a balloon or the open cockpit of a biplane. Your flight descends to land and you share in the two hundred year old tradition of a champagne or sparkling cider toast. A celebration of both new found friends and the heavens above.

    If the romance and adventure of balloon and vintage airplane flight appeals to you, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Light Flight Balloons, Inc. and Barnstormer Aero, a full time, full service, locally owned and operated Maryland company. We offer balloon charter flights, tethered balloon promotions, hot air balloon pilot training, and open cockpit biplane rides for Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We are the area's most experienced ride company.


 Photo Credit M. Tenly

    You may watch what a ride is like by flying with Ms. Wini Roche in the video below. Wini is from the Harford County Office of Tourism; this segment was filmed in August of 2011.



For more videos and articles about us click here.

        We are proud to have been flying for over thirty years without an accident or incident making us the area's safest and most experienced ride operator. Your enjoyment and the safety of the flight are our first priorities. Accordingly, our aircraft are certified, licensed, and inspected as required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Your flight will be piloted by an experienced and professional FAA licensed Commercial Balloon or Airplane Pilot. Our pilots have a combined experience of over 60 years of accident free flying. Our Chief Pilot is retired from the Naval Air Reserve, served as an Accident Prevention Counselor for the FAA for 23 years, and is both a Commercial Balloon and Airplane pilot.

        When you book with us you are dealing directly with the people you will be flying with; not a broker who has no aircraft or pilots and little or no interest in you after the sale. Many companies will simply provide a certificate for you to fly with some unknown company; paying them a reduced fare to provide the service. Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery; if the websites for other companies in Maryland sound similar and seem familiar, it's because many have chosen to use the same language, terms, and phrases that we developed or coined over thirty years ago. Some of these companies have less than one year of experience and none have even half as much as Light Flight. When it comes to flying, experience really does matter!  We are concerned about your safety and your enjoyment of the flight from the time you purchase a ride, through the time you fly, and beyond. We work diligently to have you as customer for life and provide a level of service that will have you talking about the fun you had for years to come.

The reasons we should be your choice for a flight:    

1. We are experienced - over thirty years in business without an incident or accident. We are the area's most experienced ride company. No other company in Maryland, Delaware, or Southern Pennsylvania has more experience.

2. We are full time - we do this for a living and not as a retirement or hobby business to supplement our income - we fly every flyable day, not just occasionally.

3. We are locally owned and operated and a Maryland Corporation. You are dealing directly with your flight crew and not a broker or some middle man. You should be certain that you are flying with the same company that you booked your reservation with and that the ride will be provided locally.

We hope that we may be of service to provide an experience and memories that will last a lifetime. We are happy to assist you in scheduling a flight, providing a gift, or to address your questions. We encourage you to call or e-mail us. Once again, thank you for your time and interest.

Wishing You Fair Winds Always,    hot air balloon pilot Mike Gerred giving balloon rides               

Michael Gerred
President and Chief Pilot

Let our experience make your experience unforgettable!



                                      P.O. Box 837, Bel Air, Maryland 21014Our Chief Pilot with another famous balloon pilot     E-Mail



Balloon Brochure (PDF)   

Bi-Plane Brochure (PDF)

Our Chief Pilot, Mike, with another famous balloonist, Sir Richard Branson!

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