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Corporate Balloon Programs

Marketing, advertising, and business promotion with hot air balloons

        The next time you see a hot air balloon floating majestically in the sky, take your eyes off the balloon for a moment and watch the crowd. You will notice most people are completely transfixed by the inescapable visual impact that balloons have. People are making other people aware of the balloon, stopping alongside roads for a better view, and taking pictures. Now, imagine the same scene with the name of your business or product on the balloon! You are creating a lasting impression, in a powerful way, on thousands of people with each flight. Just imagine the possibilities for your sales promotion efforts.

        In addition to the crowds that gather around a balloon, the media also has a strong history of covering events where balloons are present. The free media coverage generated is often worth more than the cost of the program. Many Fortune 500 companies know a great deal when they see one. That's why so many have chosen to make hot air balloons a part of their sales promotion strategy. Our professional pilots and crew can help you accomplish your objectives by building a program to suit your specific needs. We have programs in all price ranges - permitting you to "just dip your toes in" or take the full "plunge" into the world or aerial advertising.

What's Available?

    Balloon Rides: The least expensive and easiest way to incorporate a balloon into your business, is to simply obtain our balloon ride certificates. These are a perfect way to say "thank you" to valued clients and employees alike. You may tie the rides to customer purchase amounts or as a sales incentive reward program for employees. They make great retirement gifts. This program requires little effort on your part as you only have to establish the criteria, announce the program, and hand out the certificates. Our personnel will handle all the logistics of providing the flights. Your clients and employees will remember the fun they had for years to come. You will enjoy the admiration, appreciation, and good will that can only be obtained from providing so unique and valuable a gift. Visit our Balloon Flights page for details. Certificates are $235.00 per passenger. Our biplane ride certificates are another unique gift starting at only $145.00 per passenger! Bulk purchase discounts are available at 5% per passenger in increments of 10 passengers up to a maximum of 40 passengers.

    Basket Banners: A basket banner is your company's advertising placed on our basket and flown during the course of our normal ride operations. This exposes your message to thousands. Basket banners are 3' x 3' and the cost of a banner is based on copy and colors involved. We can use your existing signage too. The cost for basket banner flights is $65 per flight which includes a photograph of your advertising on the balloon. You may use the photograph in other media advertising or display it proudly at your place of business. Bulk purchases are available at 10% discounts in increments of 5 flights up to a maximum of 20 flights.

     Balloon Banners: Imagine a basket banner only much larger - a balloon banner may be 16 feet high by 32 feet long. It's hard to ignore a colorful moving billboard in the sky. Your message will be seen by countless people and photographed as well. This makes it a long term advertising instrument as photographs will become keepsakes for years to come. Banner costs vary depending on the amount of copy, colors, and artwork. We will be happy to provide a quote on camera ready artwork or help you design your message. Balloon banners are custom made to fit the balloon's elliptical gores - your existing rectangular banners will not work - here's why: try putting a bumper sticker on a beach ball. It will not lay flat and will instead pucker all around the edges. This is not the look you want for your ad campaign! We will professionally construct a banner to fit and look like it's part of the balloon - not look like an afterthought! Banner flight costs are $350.00 per flight when flown during the course of our normal ride operations. Bulk purchases receive 10% discounts in increments of 5 up to a maximum of 15 flights.

    Helium Balloons, Blimps, and Cold Air Rooftop Balloons: We carry a complete line of advertising balloons - both helium and cold air. A helium product will float above your business or event while a cold air product will be on the ground or roof top. You may use a stock pattern or have something custom made to meet your needs and to advertise your products or services. These products are available in every price range for any advertising budget - call our office to discuss your plans and for pricing.

    Tethered Balloon Promotions: A tethered balloon is anchored to the ground by ropes permitting it to stay in one location. They may be used at grand openings, community events, sporting venues, festivals, conventions and company picnics. You may elect to have the balloon for static display of your banner advertising or for giving short rides. Visit our tethers page for more details. Tether costs are $1,000 per hour for static display and $1,200 per hour for rides. A minimum of one hour is required and discounts are available for longer term promotions.

    Purchase a Custom Balloon: We can arrange for the design and purchase of a complete balloon system and its operation. The details for such an endeavor require that we meet with you to determine your goals. We will provide you with an operating budget and design a program to meet or exceed your expectations.

    Event Management: Balloon festival or balloon event development and organization is another specialty of ours. We are capable of designing and managing scalable balloon festivals, races, glows, and sponsored events. We will be happy to discuss your plans for such an event and assist you in making it a reality.

Begin your marketing & advertising program today!


P.O. Box 837

Bel Air, MD 21014


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